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The legendary Matterhorn and the beautiful Swiss town of Zermatt.

November 30, 2019

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My top 5 favorite cities you should visit!


There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in the world, and there are some amazing cities in every country. For this blog post I decided to highlight some of the cities and towns that have left a lasting impression for me for one reason or another. These are all places I think everyone should make an attempt to visit at some point in their life. If you ever make it to one of these great places, I hope that you end up having a similar experience!


Lets begin with a city that always comes to my mind first when I think of my favorite city.


Valparaiso, Chile, South America


Valparaiso finds itself sitting on the western coast of Chile, about an hour west of the capital city of Santiago. Valparaiso is an old historic port city that has been around forever. There are so many things that make this vibrant port city so unique. What stands out most likely in this city is the colors all of the buildings and houses that cling to the cliffsides next to the sea. I can't imagine the difficulty of constructing this wonderful city. 


From what I was told, the colors that make up the structures in this city are due to the resources that were available to the citizens of Valparaiso. Being a port city, often much of the supplies they had on hand were related to the ships in the port. Ship paint was plentiful and citizens took to painting their homes with the same paint. It worked well with the harsh salt air coming from the ocean that homes and buildings in Valparaiso would experience. Thus, these colorful buildings became a trade mark of Valparaiso.


Over time, Valparaiso began to gain another trademark, it started to be known as a city known for its art.. It began to be known for its artists, painters, poets, musicians, philosophers and more.  You will begin to notice this when you wander around the winding maze like streets of the city. In many portions of the city, you will find street art and graffiti everywhere. It really adds a lot of character to this cultural city. I really enjoyed wandering around the often steep city streets of Valparaiso to see examples of this unique display of street art.