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Travel Goals for 2018

The sky's the limit for 2018.

I'm entering into the beginning of 2018 with high aspirations for the coming travel season!

For those that know me, I went through an unexpected career transition over the last year and a half which has made traveling a bit rocky for me recently. Things are starting to get squared away again, which means I can start to make some bold goals again. I'm excited to set out some lofty goals for this coming year, which I have every intention of completing.

With 2017, I still did not let the rocky road wreck my goals overall.

I ended up accomplishing an unexpected 10 day long road trip through Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah! It was a great eye opening experience of the southwestern portion of the United States. I would recommend a similar road trip for anyone who may find this area even remotely interesting. There's great scenic locations all over down there, plus the warm weather is great!

More information from this awesome and spontaneous road trip can be found by clicking the links related to Havasu Falls, Zion National Park, and Monument Valley.

I also did my annual trip to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. (still in the process of developing my drone footage from here, keep an eye out for that!)

I wrapped up 2017 with a trip out to Glacier National Park. It was a fantastic National Park, and I would encourage anyone who enjoys the great outdoors to visit this park at some point. Click here to find out more about this experience and learn more about Glacier National Park.

I had one additional plan for 2017 with a trip to Italy, but with obtaining a new job, I had to put that trip on the backburner.....

So without further delay, here are my goals for 2018...

I contemplated a trip to Argentina to visit Mount Fitz Roy (Patagonia, and the mountain outline for the Patagonia clothing brand, bet you didn't know that?!), but with pricy tickets for a flight out there, I stumbled upon Norway. So to begin off the season of travel, I am shooting for a journey throughout Norway and it's Arctic coastline!

My annual trip to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands for another kayaking and camping adventure.

A possible trip to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota/Canada? I live so close, why keep ignoring this recreational hotspot.

Banff and Jasper National Park in Canada. (This was a 2017 goal that went unaccomplished, of course it's going to carry over to 2018.)

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland (Another goal of 2017, that was foiled by a new job) The Dolomites can't hide from me forever!

As always, these might not all happen, but I am setting out in the beginning of 2018 with the expectation that I will give it my all to make them happen. Are you going to head into 2018 with determination to make your travel goals come true, or are you going to put your dream destination off for another year, which happens all too commonly....

I'm sure there will be an unexpected adventure or two throughout the year as well.

If anyone has any interest in any of these trips, go ahead and make it known. Send me a message or comment. I am always open to bring others with me if they think the trip may be suitable for them! I always take suggestions on places to visit as well.

If you have any tips or suggestions for these 2018 destinations, please feel encouraged to message me. Suggestions from locals or travelers who have been there are important to me.

Other goals for 2018

Aside from my travel goals for 2018, I am continuing to go to far extents to develop my photography skills with my camera and my new DJI drone. The goal of this, you might ask? My goal is to provide stunning visuals of these amazing places on Earth that you should make an effort to see!

I hope to start providing videos and establish a YouTube channel this year with drone videos of these destinations.

Also another new area I am going to try an experiment with will be trying to make a travel video or episode on my Norway trip. I have never done something like this, so it's going to be a bit rough, but it sounds like a fun idea to try out. Stay tuned for the first episode of the Eric Frey the Travel Guy Travel Show.

Hope everyone's New Years is off to a good start, and hope your travel planning is underway!

Comment below to let me know where you are traveling this year!

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