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So I got a Drone

Since the launch of the first consumer version of the DJI Phantom, I have wanted to get a drone. First off, these RC devices are just impressive with the technology that they bring to the civilian market. There is just so many cool things you can do with a drone. On top of that, the ability to take photographs and video from a whole new level is just as much impressive.

Imagine being a photographer and being limited to what you can reach with your hands and legs. There's a lot you can reach, but you're still missing out on photography and videography from a birds eye view so to say! Now with the addition and advancements of drones, high quality images and video from the sky are now within grasp. No longer does a photographer have to hire a plane or helicopter in order to get some amazing aerial photos. Thanks to technology, you can just buy a drone and do it all yourself now!

Drone photo of a new building my work just opened.

The possibilities of drone photography and filming seem endless. The technology seems to get better every year. You can pretty much shoot cinematography quality video with one of these devices depending on how big your budget is. There is a drone in the price range for everyone to, and they are getting more specific and honed for the types of services they are used for.

Example of a straight down photo of a garden I am developing at my work. Before and After. I intend on editing this more once construction is done.

Anyways, I am excited to finally start working and learning how to do drone photography and video. Its a whole new realm for me, so it's going to be rough starting out, but I look forward to sharing this whole new aspect of photography with people and utilizing it to offer up a whole new different view of desired travel destinations.

I am starting off my drone photography with the DJI Mavic Pro. It's a great drone for me to start off with due to its compact size. It will be the perfect addition to my travel gear. This drone made the most sense versus the Phantom also by DJI. While the higher quality camera would have been nice, the convenience of size won out the battle for my first drone.

One thing I noticed pretty much with even my first flight of this compact drone is that it is very simple to fly. I pretty much took it out the first time with very little instruction, and flew it without any issue. Even those who aren't tech savvy wouldn't have too much difficulty in flying them. The difficult part for me I think is figuring out how to frame pictures and videos well enough to be presentable!

Keep an eye out for the videos and photos I intend to add to this website with this newly added ability! I hope to put it to the test on some upcoming trips to Lake Superior, Montana, and the Balkans.

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