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November 30, 2019

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South Dakota's Wild, Wild West.

February 22, 2017



Yes, the title of this article is making reference to the 90's classic movie Wild Wild West, starring Will Smith, but this article is focused on the great adventures to be had in South Dakota, which conveniently is mostly found on the western side of this Great Plains state.


South Dakota is a location that isn't typically found on top ten destination lists, but it is still a great place for the outdoor adventure seeker to visit.  There are many places to go, especially in the western portion of the state. Sad to say, the eastern portion of the state does not offer as many cool scenic places to see.  It is more filled with farming fields and flat grassy fields for as far as the eye can see.  Though there are a few spots on the eastern side of South Dakota, such as the Palisades State Park.


Once you cross into the western half of this underpopulated state (which occurs at the Missouri River) the scenery begins to become more picturesque. I spent nearly a year living in this state, and this was by far my favorite region of the state. As you travel west, past the Missouri river, those flat and boring plains will eventually give rise to more rockier and hilly landscapes, and eventually the famous Badlands and Black Hills. 


A lot of history has occurred in the Black Hills between the countless Native American tribes(over a very lengthy time span),  and the United States government more recent Native American tribes between the 1700' s and 1800's. Not to mention a gold rush that occurred in the 1870's. Regardless, this area has just as much scenic value as it does historic value. 


The Badlands National Park is the first area you will come across if you are coming from the eastern side of South Dakota. It is a pretty boring drive most of this way, that is overly plagued with lots of quirky and sometimes humorous signs advertising the infamous Wall Drug shopping centre/mall located in Wall, SD. 


Badlands National Park


The Badlands is a rather unique area in South Dakota that has formed from wind and water erosion over a long period of time. It is made up of sedimentary rock that now forms many hills, cliffs, and buttes. The Badlands are very rugged, and are also very dry.  It is a desolate environment, but still has a striking abundance of wildlife that can be found in its borders. 


It is a great spot for outdoor travelers. There are other places in the world similar to this region (such as Valle de la Luna in Chile, or Cappadocia in Turkey) but it has its own unique sense about it. If you enjoy camping, hiking,  watching wildlife, or observing the night sky, this is a good stop to make.  Especially if you are on your way to the Black Hills, due how relatively close it is to the Black Hills.  I should also mention that the Badlands are a great area to view fossils from many different eras of time, it is rich in fossilized history.

 Even if you don't have much time to spend in the Badlands, there are some great scenic roads(Badlands Loop Scenic Byway) that go through the heart of the Badlands, and there are many viewing points you can stop and park at along the way. It will only take a half hour or so of your time to drive, and you'll get to see some crazy unearthly like views!


You might as well make a quick pit stop at Wall Drug while you are in the Badlands. At this point you have probably seen over 100 signs advertising this tourist attraction, regardless of the direction you are traveling from. There is nothing overly special about this shopping center that centers it's advertising on it's free ice water and 5 cent coffee, but they do have some pretty damn good freshly made donuts in the cafe. Make sure to pick up a dozen or so if you do make this side stop! They also have plenty of western themed gifts and merchandise if you are feeling like doing some shopping too.


The Black Hills


After the Badlands, you will eventually begin to see small mountains forming off in the horizon. They will look rather dark or black, which is how the Black Hills got it's name supposedly.  This is where my favorite part of South Dakota begins.  The Black Hills aren't going to break any records for height coming in at 7,244 above sea level at their highest point, but they are still worthy of being a great mountainous adventure destination. 


There are countless things to do in this region of South Dakota. This includes camping, TONS of hiking, biking, and horse back riding trails, many parks, scenic drives, great restaurants, fishing,  winter sports, casinos, and more! This is another destination that I have been to that I feel comfortable saying it has something for everyone!   


I have been to the Black Hills probably 5 or 6 times in my lifespan, and have always done something different on every trip. Of course, there is the more famous destinations here such as Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, or Custer State Park, but there is still much more to do!



I think my favorite experience in the Black Hills has been the hiking, and in particular, the hike to Harney Peak which can be found nearby Lake Sylvan in Custer State Park.  This is a relatively easy 3-5 hour hike (the end of the hike gets a bit strenuous)  that ends at the highest point in the Black Hills.


On the top of this peak sits the Harney Peak Fire Tower, which was originally constructed in the 1930's. While it is no longer in use today, it now serves as a scenic view look out. The views from the top of this tower are amazing, and it is the probably the best location to view the surrounding area of the Black Hills.


It was a breathtaking view from inside of the tower, and the area surrounding the tower makes for a good resting point before making the trek back.  Fortunately from here, its all pretty much down hill!

 If you are looking for a more challenging hike to Harney Peak, try the northern trail. The trail head can be found at the Willow Creek Horse Camp. You can find more information regarding Harney Peak by clicking here.



Aside from the Harney Peak trail head, there are lots of other great hikes that start from here, as well as a scenic paved walkway that encompasses Sylvan Lake.