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Why I am doing this site/blog?

There is no set reason of why I am starting this website or writing this blog. I just enjoy traveling and developing my photography skills along the way. I am looking at this website as a way to reach people outside of Facebook posts about the exciting possibilities of traveling, and to encourage people to get outside of their comfort zone and actually go traveling!

I have always enjoyed going on vacations to other cool areas and states when I was younger, but had never really been outside of the United States, minus Canada, but that doesn't really count now does it?! The thought of traveling out of country finally hit me while I was finishing up college in Milwaukee. My roommate Doug and I had decided to our last undergraduate spring break a little bit more interesting by flying down to Negril, Jamaica. It was a great time, from what I remember. I don't think I've ever drank as many Red Stripes and listened to as much Reggae in my life as I did while I was down there.

Jet skiing in Jamaica? Why not?

After taking that week long drunken spring break trip, I was instantaneously hooked on traveling. Even though it was a only a week long, and I was just a drunk college student, it at least started to open my eyes up to seeing the rest of the world and what it has to offer.

I set a goal with myself after this trip, a goal that wouldn't be entirely feasible, but I would do my best to follow through with it. My goal was to continue to travel to a new country every year. It was a ambitious goal, and one that I already have lapsed on due to several transitions of different work paths. Yet, I still remain eager to attempt to achieve this goal whenever the opportunity is available.

At the time of this writing, I feel satisfied of where I have been to this point. I have been to 6 countries since making this goal. Those 6 countries have been Jamaica, Canada (multiple times now), Turkey, Bulgaria, Iceland, and Chile. Time will tell where the next adventure lies.

I intend on doing reviews and summaries of each of the places I travel and things that I feel might inspire others to journey to that particular area of the world. I haven't determined every route I am going to explore with this website and blog, but I predict it will be ever evolving and changing with the direction I want to take it.

I hope these pictures, blogs, and other information found on this webpage will be able to assist others when they are thinking about traveling, and making plans on where to go. Just from talking with people and from articles read on the internet, most people tend to travel to the same places they've already been to. That is a trend that should be changed. Where is the sense of excitement and adventure of going to the same vacation spot year after year, and doing the same things? Variety in travel is a wonderful thing.

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